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One Year of Writing: A Look Back and a Look Forward
Rakesh Potnuru

One Year of Writing: A Look Back and a Look Forward

It was the 18th of October 2021, and I published my first article on I literally have no idea how to write a technical article then. But I kept doing it learning from other tech writers. Since then, I had an amazing experience with writing. In this article, I'm going to share my journey, how writing helped me, tips to help you get started writing, and more.

Let's get started

How it Started - Inspiration & Motivation

well well well gif

To be honest, the reason why I got into writing is due to both influence and my own reasons. I wanted to start writing to establish an online presence and hone my skills. And then there were some great people in tech who always advised that every developer should write. So, I'm like, "Why don't I give it a try?". That's the best decision in my life.

What motivated me to keep writing? - Since that day, I've challenged myself to write an article every week (or 4 per month). I used to get zero reactions and maybe 10-20 views at first, but I didn't mind because I was writing for myself. Then, thanks to 🙏, they helped me by sharing my articles on their social media platforms. People gradually began to enjoy my articles, which kept me motivated.

Whatever inspired me to begin writing, I have no regrets!

Opportunities I Got Along the Way

Writing is an endless journey. The benefits accrue along the way, rather than at the end (actually there is no end). One thing to remember is that you should never expect anything in return for your contribution. Be happy with whatever you receive. Spoiler alert: There will always be potential benefits.

Here are some great opportunities I got:

  • Author at freeCodeCamp - Millions of people read the articles on freeCodeCamp. I am honored to be able to contribute to the freeCodeCamp publication. I write whenever I have time. Read my articles:
  • Creator at Aviyel - Aviyel supports the growth of Open Source communities. I've contributed to a few Open Source projects by writing articles. Read them here.
  • Freelance opportunities - Received a lot of long-term freelance writing opportunities from Ed-Tech startups and various companies. Read them here.
  • Collaborations - So far, I've received more than ten paid collaboration offers.

“Its the not the destination, it’s the journey.”


top contributor

articles featured on

My Top 10 Articles

These are the top 10 articles loved by my readers.

  1. Web design principles with examples
  2. Best productivity tools for web developers
  3. How I built my portfolio website
  4. Auto-generate your NodeJs app + Admin-UI 😳
  5. Web 2.0 architecture Vs Web 3.0 architecture
  6. 8 best opensource projects you should try out
  7. [PART 2] 8 best open source projects you should try out
  8. Let’s learn, build and sell an API
  9. Most active Developer Communities you should join in 2022
  10. Let’s build and deploy a full stack MERN web application


Do you like numbers? I got you!

  • Total words were written - 89,180
  • Views (all platforms combined) - 265,453

My Tips

  • Everyone should write, no matter what their background is.
  • Don't worry about grammar or fancy words; devs don't mind as long as the meaning is clear. Honestly, with the tools like Quillbot and Grammarly this won't be a problem for you.
  • I didn't wait for the perfect moment to begin writing.
  • No one will criticize you, and everyone is free to express their views.
  • Think about creating value over gaining views and likes.
  • Quality > Quantity

Whom to follow

Follow the right people. There will be a lot of clickbait people copying top posts. These people may have thousands of followers, but that does not make them valuable.

Some people I recommend following to be a better writer:

Some great writers in tech:

What's next?

In just one year, I've accomplished a lot. I'm looking forward to all of the opportunities that will come my way in the future. As you are aware, writing is an endless journey, and I intend to continue writing for as long as I am able. I've been not able to write much for the last few months due to offline college for the first time, now I set my priorities and will try to be consistent again.

A Big Thank You

None of this is possible without your constant support 🙏. It's because of you I never gave up. It's you that made all my efforts worth it.

thank you



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